Asics Metaracer Men’s


The METARACER shoe is made for runners who want the most out of their fast-paced training and racing. This racing shoe helps you save energy in two ways. The upper is designed to capture as much airflow as possible, which helps keep feet cool. This cooling provided by the shoe means your body does not have to work as hard to keep you cool. The upper itself has a hydrophobic treatment so it doesn’t absorb sweat or water, and drainage ports to release any water that might get into the shoe.GUIDESOLE technology features an enhanced toe-spring shape. This design is complemented by a carbon forefoot plate that gives structure to the curved sole. These two pieces combine to reduce the movement of the ankle joint, helping runners save energy with each stride. The rolling motion of this shoe actually propels the foot forward, producing a totally unique running experience.The METARACER shoe with GUIDESOLE technology will help you take your racing to the next level.Engineered mesh to resist absorbing sweat and keeping the shoes lightweight FLYTEFOAM technology GUIDESOLE technology Carbon forefoot plate that gives structure to the curved sole ASICS grip technology provides excellent traction in wet conditions

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